Saturday, April 19, 2008

Didya Getcha Backwards Gnarly On?

I had just happened to purchase the new Gnarls Barkley LP off of iTunes a couple of days ago only to find the very next morning that it was available for FREE download!

You can imagine how bothered I was that I had just put down $10 for it! Then I did the smart thing and continued to read the details involved in the free download.

Imagine my relief when I realized it was one 38:45 long track and that it was all BACKWARDS!

Now for someone like me who owns a high-end audio program for my Mac, I actually could have dropped it into Logic Pro, flipped it around, and cut it up into its respective single tracks. A lot of bother in my opinion.

I am sleeping just fine knowing I paid my $10.

....A friend of mine is on the phone right now informing me that the free download has no lyrics! Nice.

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