Friday, May 2, 2008

Ferociously Spinning Wheels...

Imagine gigantic tires designed for long distance journeys and lofty destinations....Mired in the thick sludge of procrastination, distraction, anxiety and laziness.

RPM's revving in a high pitch whine, exerting vast amounts of emotional energy...

BUT, barely inching forward. Making very little progress.

This is the state of things. This is the reality of a great many talented people with amazing ideas and original thoughts.

Myself and so many others I know are wasting precious fuel and energy.

It is so easy to dream of great things, accomplishments not yet accomplished. What do we do? How do we leverage the weight of our ideas to get the vehicle moving farther?

More ideas I am sure...That only compounds the dilemma.

Sincerity, serenity, and peace must come first and everything else will follow.

If honesty, calmness, and the diffusion of anxiety is not achieved then the wheels will continue to spin ferociously.

(I know, I know...this was a self indulgent revelation.)

m e e k
m u s i c


Justin said...

dude.... you and I are on the same wavelength today. im so over it.... i need a drink.

Rob said...

Launch. Learn. Re-launch.

I think Seth Godin said that. Just get in there and do it. Put something out. Learn as you go. This is how life works, so why can't this be applied to our work?