Thursday, August 7, 2008

Anyone Visiting Here Ever Heard of Lewis Taylor?

Well if you have then you are wise in my book if you respect what he can do. For those of you who have not heard of Lewis Taylor, I would like to take this time to introduce you to a very talented and soulful artist.

The album cover above represents what I consider to be his best collected work. "The Lost Album" to my understanding is a collection of works he had been working on in between all the various Neo-Soul work he had released in the first few years of this decade. I consider all of his work to be 98% worth listening to daily and 100% of it to be genius! But the lost albums swirling meanderings through so many genres of influence...well it just blends all too nicely.

You can hear elements of 1970's progressive songwriting pop inclinations with hints of Al Green and Marvin Gaye while the ghosts of Hendrix and Curtis Mayfield find their spirits all over the guitar layers throughout. You can hear Todd Rundgren inspiration while Beach Boy style vocal arrangements flow through with no cheese factor at all. I know that is a lot of comparisons to throw at any one artist, but Lewis Taylor really shows such versatility, range and influence. It is just refreshing to hear an artists take the chances he has with his work and find success.

The truly remarkable aspect to it for me as a musician is knowing that he is 100% playing all the instruments, singing all the vocals including background, he is producing, mixing and essentially self releasing his work. He does it all. Bass, Drums, Guitar, Vocals, Keys...all of it! And engineering it to boot! I admire the man.

If his sound is your cup of tea I would strongly suggest heading to an iTunes store to grab one of his four LP's there...each only $9.99!

  • Stoned Pt. 1
  • Stoned Pt.2
  • The Lost Album (get this one first)
  • Limited Edition - 2004 (a collection of previously unreleased stuff)
For those of you who manage to go and check him out, I hope you like him. I am sorry for those who did not end up digging him. I did not mean to waste you time!

That link to Lewis Taylor again.


phil said...

i'm a huge fan of LT, too bad he stopped --- i'm looking for the cd "limited edition"

ultrameek said...

Wow, I actually was unaware of his quitting! Very disheartening.

Also; you can get "Limited Edition" at the iTunes Store (that's where I got my copy).

Thanks for the visit Phil.

m e e k

toobs said...

Check out the forum to get up to speed on LT:
Then hear his promo tour set at:
There were many LT videos on YouTube until he pulled them down on 3-7-08.
Send Me An Angel 2 was between Track 3-Hide Your Heart Away and Track 5-The Leader Of The Band on the original Lost Album before he sold it to Hacktone. Track 1 was Lost. That made a super album.