Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Star Is Aborted

"What Does It Mean To Be A "Professional Musician"?

Read that link if you like or proceed to read the quote I lifted from it and continue on reading my praise for the original post and a bit of a rant from me.

"There are very few jobs anywhere in the world where you can conceivably use the fact that you're far too busy going to parties and getting drunk as an excuse for not doing what you're supposed to do. That record labels play the role of enabler in feeding the crass teenage rock star fantasies of the artists they sign is both astonishing and tragic."

It needs to be said / posted / printed in as many places as is humanly (computer aided even) possible!

I really enjoyed this entire post, it is probably my favorite so far regarding the musician / artist / industry and its constantly evolving digital environment. If only this lesson could have been taught more vigorously prior to the digital revolution. A much less saturated environment.

Musicians, singers, rappers, artists....we are a dime a dozen. Technology and economy have made this possible. A rampant disregard for quality television and multi media marketing have fed our youth's heads with the idea that "star" is an actual career choice...rather than the windfall of talent properly encouraged and managed. This is not to suggest that there have not always been "Industry Created Cash Cows" throughout the history of entertainment. What I am suggesting is that the vast majority of respected and remembered artists / musicians came to be recognized as "stars" because they were / are that good (or great) at what they do.

I do not think any of those you or I might place in that category just "decided" they would become a star. They most likely pursued their passion and at some point found themselves in the right place at the right time and eventually talking to the right person. And it was easier 20, 30, 40 years ago. You could not assemble a studio and produce your own record for around $5k like today. (OK haters, proceed to reiterate the immortal point that no one can actually get a full LP length professional recording accomplished for $5k)

To the point (hopefully); Every other tween, teen or 20 + pop culture misfit wants to be a "star"...sadly, some of them will succeed. Many, many, many more of them will spend a large portion of their lives trying to "arrive" only to find themselves grown adults with a considerable chip on their shoulder...and no fame or fortune.

Musicians, artists; Do what you love and do it because you love it. Be smart, be consistent all the while as you pursue your passion...and you can be in the right place at the right time and eventually talk to the right person. Those are the keys to any chance at this music gig...they have been the same since the music "business" began...The differences now are much, much, much, much more folks can afford the gear and generate noise you must filter through. But this also means that genuine artists / musicians have access to better more affordable tools to achieve their goals.

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