Monday, October 20, 2008

A Testimonial

I was genuinely surprised and grateful for the opportunity to be asked to give a "Testimonial" for the site New Music Strategies (which you can also find a link to in the side bar). NMS is a very informative and helpful web site for musicians, producers, promotion & marketing concerning the digital transformation that is currently in full swing.

Andrew Dubber runs the site and is ridiculously credentialed and well informed to take on the task. Andrew also manages to maintain several other sites which you can link to on the NMS page. Even though I have managed to show my ignorance and my ass in some comments I have left at NMS over the last two years, Andrew is also very personable and happy to respond to sincere and respectful inquiries.

The testimonial's change each time you refresh the page so you may not see mine at first click. That and the fact that it is not listed as "ultrameek". None the less, I felt the need to make a post here acknowledging Andrew and letting any of the folks who managed to find their way here via the link from my testimonial know the following:

I have neglected this blog recently and I am actually currently executing a move from this blog over to my Wordpress blog. I am presently getting it organized and loaded with media before I begin directing folks that way. As soon as I have the pieces in place I will lead people in that direction.

Having said that, I will now continue with the slow migration process (it is only slow because I have very little time to allocate towards it right now).

m e e k

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