Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Obama, Can I Get a Little End Times Please...

It is truly frightening to see just how many web sites, blogs, etc. are running on about Mr. Obama's chances of being "The" Antichrist.

I always thought money was the Antichrist...or just greed and selfishness in general...But, these ideas about Obama are just freaking me out.

Mostly because I really, really, really like the guy. I honestly believe he is the best candidate running for our leader. That sucks if he is the devil.

I suppose I need to have some kind of real or substantial amount of "Faith" in order to believe any of this. Maybe it is a good thing I might not...have any "Faith" that is.

Maybe I do? I am never real sure.

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Justin said...

you know.... i had a discussion with the head guy for my bbq team about him and thinking that he was the antichrist and i was like...i like the guy and even have a sticker for his campaign on my bumper....thats what started the whole debate anyways....i thought the guy was going to ask me to leave the team, it was that heated