Thursday, May 22, 2008

Enjoying Listening

I have found some really good music in recent weeks and I thought I would just drop a post here about it. I suppose this could be considered my first "Review" blog...and really a "Recommendation" blog too.

OK, first I will tackle the new Gnarls Barkley release "The Odd Couple".

I have really enjoyed this entire LP. I would even go so far as to say that I found about 85% of it to be bordering on immaculate (in my ears opinion).

What stands out to me is the fusion of so many styles / genres / influences.

Dangermouse; the majority of the music production / writing end of the duo is just unhinged. He knows no boundaries and will meld together what very few others have dared to do.

What is really remarkable is that he succeeds in braking perceived limits and makes a great "Pop" record doing it. A great Pop record laced with doses of the kind of music few to none would know where to find...or even that it had ever existed. I am referring to the out of left field "Underground" sounds that were once limited to those in the "Know" (as they would have themselves believing).

Throw into this musical pop minded mad scientists lab the awesome talent that is Cee-Lo and it really ups the value and scope of the songs. Cee-Lo is the voice, the heartfelt emotion that pulls the trend-seekers and truth-seekers alike into the fan base.

His voice hearkens back to the days of Otis Redding, Al Green, etc. etc...But his experience in the Dungeon Family Collective, which includes Goodie Mob (his renowned Hip Hop pioneers group), and Outkast brings with him emcee skills on a veteran level.

He is also an achieved song writer having penned multiple top 10 hits on Pop and R & B charts.

These two soulful and experimental artists bring a collective musical influence that is massively broad individually and twice as deep when combined. I picture both of them sitting for hours digesting some of the greatest music from all genres and then weaving them into the tapestry that makes Gnarls Barkley what it is: Excellent music that just might stand the test of time.

I haven't bothered to single out any tracks here because I think the album should be digested in it's full form. It is best discovered and enjoyed the first several listens in it's entirety.

After that, pick your favorites as I have...But I believe that list may just eventually grow to be the entire LP.

Whew! OK, that's enough for now. I will try to tackle another one soon...Maybe the latest Travis LP: "The Boy With No Name" which I will go ahead and tell you it gets as much play time as the aforementioned Gnarls Barkley LP!

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