Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Overload and obscurity are my enemies!

Each day I scour the Internet to read up on what is happening in the music environment and each day I become more and more overwhelmed! The amount of sites spread across the world wide web is alarming...The amount of music is alarming...The amount of time I spend being alarmed is well, alarming.

I really enjoy what I do; Making music and noise. I often loose site of this when I find myself considering the ways to monetize this fulfilling exercise. When I focus on the monetization of my so-called "Art" it kind of brings me down...

I want to make sure that making the music is it's own reward. I believe that 99% of the time it is but that other 1% really sucks!

What can I do to keep that 1% suckness from growing? Do I stop scouring the web? Do I lock myself away so no one can hear my music but me? (I might already do that last one!)

I will contemplate this and possibly make a follow-up post about it...With any luck I will push these anxious feelings out of my mind and just continue loving what I do!

m e e k

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