Saturday, May 17, 2008

More on Moving...

OK, it looks like it will be about two weeks before I have to tear all this gear down to move it...So, I will continue to interface with it (and in turn all of, all three of you! HA!)

My mood is just peachy right now. Between the upcoming move, discovering real friends exist, getting some nice kudos from a respected source regarding some of my music...I feel just swell!

I think things like that beat a anti-anxiety pill any day for getting your mood in the right place!

Now the trick is to hold on to these good feelings and continue this optimistic momentum. Is that possible? Am I capable of such a thing? I think yes!

Thanks to both of you (or maybe three) who have bothered to read this. This was one of the more personal entries in my blog-world and I promise to keep those to a minimum.

I want to make sure that this particular location for "ultrameek" stays a bit more focused on music and things concerning it and me!

Something more later? Maybe.

m e e k

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