Wednesday, May 14, 2008


OK, I will be moving (my physical address...which I do not volunteer to give here) and because of this I am thinking that my music, blogging, and all around digital existence will be put on hold.

I will have to take apart all the wonderful machines that comprise my digital interface and box them up for transport.

This should take place in the next two weeks and I assume I will be down for about four days or so...and then....SO MUCH TO DO!

I have music that needs to be made, things that need to be written and maybe even a video game that needs to be played!

For the two to three people who read this blog; I am sorry and I will try to sneak on to some other computer to post more un-read material for you to not read...I love saying that! Maybe someday this thing will pick up some momentum...

BUT, I really am thankful for those of you who have managed to find it and enjoy reading it...and especially those of you who have commented; Justin, Pete, Rob...heh!

I think it is very good practice for me to keep this up even if it takes years for the rest of the world to find me.

Until later,
m e e k

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