Thursday, May 29, 2008


This is an article I saw today.

READ IT. <-----that's a link, yeah.

Afterwards, tell me what you think.

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Anonymous said...

All the artists I've ever worked with or advised have always held the belief that the marketing was the most important step. In their minds, the music was 'perfect,' now all they needed to do was either A) aind a financier, or B) come up with a marketing plan.

This kind of ignorance is what will hurt them in the long run. No amount of money or marketing is going to help bad music. In this case, I define 'bad' as music that no one likes. People won't buy/download what they don't like.

Artists have a very hard time admitting this to themselves. To them, the sales/downloads aren't low because people don't really like the music, it's low because of a lack of money or a misguided marketing strategy.

My belief is that if you put enough time and effort into creating the best product you can possibly make, it only makes the marketing easier. Great products create passionate users/listeners/consumers. And those consumers, with no solicitation from you, will tell others about your product. You can't buy marketing as valuable as word of mouth. It's priceless and, for the most part, can't be faked.

In my opinion, one satisfied customer ready to tell the world is more valuable than millions in billboard and tv ads aimed at people that may not even be paying attention.