Monday, June 2, 2008

I Am Moved...

For real, moved.

I just moved my family into a new house...OK, it's new to us. I am aching and sore as I can be from moving all the heavy things we own...With the gracious help of my 60+ year old father.

I had help...hired help even, lined up to move my stuff...But they bailed on me. Left it to me and my pops. It's cool, we handled it. Ouch.

Good to be here though. Nice place, got an extra room that I get to call my "Studio" where I got all my gear. Ready to work. Make noise, make scribbles on paper and digital document.

I can't wait to have the time to sit and work on some tunes...still have some boxes to unpack. Several.

Soon as the house is in order I get to the noise.

Did I mention how much I hurt? Ouch.


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