Sunday, June 8, 2008

Last FM; Contrary to the Praise...

I have found Last FM to be one of the most non user friendly sites for an artist. I say this because of what seem to be glitches in the "music management" system they have set up for artists.

Let me first admit that I am not uber-tech savvy but in my defense I thought the point of these networks was to not have to be.

My personal page is just fine and works great for exposing my iTunes habits to the world...but my artist page is less than useful to me so far. (This is in comparison to believe it or not, my Myspace and iMeem pages)

I keep hearing how great Last FM is but I guess I am just missing something(?) I upload tunes and only 60% of them seem to work properly and as far as any kind of customization goes...I just don't see it.

I don't think there need to be a ridiculous amount of "pimp my profile apps" but it would be nice to have some slight distinguishing traits to each artists page...but they all look exactly the same and that seems a bit too dull to me.

Also my personal page seems to clash with my artist page because everyone so far seems to find the personal one and not the artist one.

I plan to give it one more try but I think it will involve me deleting my existing profiles and starting from scratch with no personal page. I will also write to them to try and sort out what is most likely user error in understanding how the whole system is supposed to work.

Also: Everyone should check out Bruce Warlia's post on "The Celestial Funnel" on his Unsprung Media site.

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