Tuesday, June 24, 2008

What's That? Progress?

Hello all three of you who manage to come here for a read!

I am happy to say that I have been making actual progress on my "2008 EP" (that's the working title).

I have selected 4 of the 5 to 6 songs...haven't decided on 5 or 6 yet...do I write one or two brand new tunes?...The selection process can be a bit OCD.

To continue; I have even made some master mix passes at three. Which is something I really tend to procrastinate about. I even think at least two of those three could pass as is.

In a nutshell: I am making progress. This is good.

Once I get all 4 or 5(?) of the tracks mixed down / finished, I will thin be putting together some kind of "Album Art", "Liner Notes", etc. etc. in an attempt to create some kind of "Product" out from and including my recorded music.

I have spoken before about recorded music and its decline in value. And how artists need to think about ways of attaching more value to your recorded music via packaging and innovation (digital and/or otherwise).

This will all be trial and error...lab work...and hopefully I will come up with something interesting and of value to a listener / fan.

I just want to be able to make that $4 to $6 purchase to have more than just music. I am still inclined to give away mp3 files for free download by themselves...but for that listener who becomes a fan and in turn becomes a "promoter" of my music...the person willing to spend a few dollars for a more intimate experience with an artists work...I want them to get more.

Your thoughts? (any three of you?) HA!

m e e k

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