Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Misguided Logic

Logic seems to have decided to go all wonky on me. I am not sure what has happened but what I do know is that my songs are not loading / playing properly as of this evening. Thanks to medication I seem to be dealing with it rather calmly...but it still has me quite concerned.

For those of you who visit and are not privy to what Logic is (see images in the sidebar), Logic is the software that I use to compose my monstrous noises that occasionally develop into what could be loosely described as music. Logic Pro is the DAW that I use and I really depend on it to be stable and reliable. It is not being either of those at this moment. Tracks are failing to load properly and sounds are missing or just plain screwy. It kind of sucks in a big way.

Now my glass half full side sees promise in the possibility of a remedy via upgrading to the latest version of Logic. Ideally the upgrade would realign the stars in my favor and re-establish stability in the overall performance of the software (in theory). I have yet to write that one true piece of music that I could say I am 100% proud of and maybe the upgrade could give me a clean slate to start over with all my future attempts at writing. The downside being that I would possibly loose the last two years worth of work...but as I mentioned; the last two years of work are really just a long learning phase for me and nothing I am ready to put my golden seal of approval on.

I am torn about how to handle it at this time and I am writing this here to kind of vent and think aloud as to what my next move is. I am inherently lazy in many regards...or rather I have been lazy up to this point. The idea of upgrading and starting fresh, utilizing all that I have learned over the last two years seems pretty appealing to me. But I can't say I won't be sad to loose some of the tunes I have grown to care about.

I have repeatedly said in comments here and on other blogs that my current stash of tunes is far from the level of quality I want to achieve in my music. Having created that state of mind within my brain is the thing that pushes me towards the thought of upgrading rather than spending the next several weeks troubleshooting whatever the problem is within the software at this time.

As for the tunes that exist across the web under the ultrameek moniker, well I say let them float freely across the web and thanks to all of you who have and currently enjoy them. But let this post be notice that those tunes may never make it past their current point of existence since I may not be able to recover, refine and re-issue them.

Stay tuned for the next chapter in the ultrameek saga that is my battle with technology and the lack of knowledge I have in mastering it! If all goes well maybe I will start up the machinery tomorrow and all will be fine but otherwise look forward to better, more well crafted tunes following what appears to be the impending upgrade to Logic Studio.

This upgrade also puts off the live rig I have been planning to assemble but I am trying to convince myself that this is acceptable and that the live rig will follow shortly after the upgrade.

It is a sad day in the oxymoronic ultrameek studio...and that means things only get better from here. Wish me luck!

m e e k

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