Thursday, July 3, 2008

To Perform Electronic Music To An Audience

That is the topic for todays post. I have decided to prioritize and it appears as if performing live has jumped to the top of my list. I have put off the idea of performing live because of time and money constraints. Well money is always constrained and time is what I make / schedule it to be. So I am now going to put my budgeting skills towards obtaining a that I can become portable!

In addition to the laptop I will also need to get a MIDI controller that will be good for performing live...49 keys (smaller, more portable), drum pads, knobs, sliders...kind of like this:

The Axiom 49 by M-Audio seems to be all about performing...with all those pads and knobs. I figure between those two items and my PreSonus FireBox audio interface, one of my external hard drives, and Logic...that should just about handle my performance needs.

I think if I am going to really generate any kind of steady momentum it will require me exposing myself to the local scene. This is something I have been shy of since my children entered this world. I spent so much time out in the scene for so many really is not appealing to me at all. I think I can handle being by myself on the stage because it is really not the same as being in the middle of the amped masses!

I must be getting old, eh'?

m e e k

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