Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Make A Habit Of It

Make a habit of posting on a regular basis. That is what I told myself when I started this blog...actually that is what several reputable sources advised me to do. That is the reason for this very post because I can't think of anything very relevant to say, but I felt compelled to keep up the habit of posting here at least twice a week minimum.

I am working on two new tracks currently. They are really, really loose right now. They are both very linear on many instruments too...meaning they are not just copied 4 bar phrases. I have a tendency to write many tunes that way; just playing each instrument through from beginning to end. Its a good workout for the digits!

I also now own a scanner (one part of my three part upgrade plan) and all that is left is the DAW upgrade and the dreaded PC upgrade...the Mac will have to keep holding its own. I have no doubt that it will, I just need the PC for many work related things and it is just more cost effective regarding all the graphics, office, etc. software I already own for PC. It sucks but really the Mac is supposed to be a dedicated music computer and my current hardware specs can handle the DAW upgrade with ease.

Well I am done here. I am going to play a game and then get some sleep.

m e e k

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