Sunday, June 29, 2008

Polish, Refine, Maximize via Minimize...

I have been putting some time into sorting out this blog...its' format / layout, content and just exactly what I intend for it to

I am fairly pleased with the results so only complaint is that I do not have more substance here. I am sure this will come in time...but it bothers me

Music? Check.
Pictures? Check.
Information? ...need to work on this one.

I think I need to have more "About Me" information as well as more useful information all around. I am wrestling with what "About Me" information to make available...Do I want to keep it ambiguous? Do I want to try and be more personally engaging?

How do I write about myself without coming off as self-absorbed and conceited? Or do I have someone else write all the music descriptions and promotional verbiage?

Tough questions, real concerns...your thoughts are welcome as always...all three of you! (HA!)

Until something more useful comes to mind, Cheers!
m e e k

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