Wednesday, August 20, 2008



I have been thinking about my "Strategic Alliances / Industry Connections" that I have so far failed to tap into fully.

The problem is that I come to the table with moderate to minimal offerings in terms of quality. I have managed to get myself connected to some respectable Media Music companies (production libraries, soundtracks, scores & cues), and yet I have not produced any fruit from these connections. Why?

Answer: I get side-tracked.

  • I need to point out that my family (wife, kids, siblings, parents) are NOT what side-tracks my progress.

It is when I am actually working on my music. I find myself just wandering through sounds that please me...the "songs" drifting all over the place with no clear direction. This is not how the majority of composing / songwriting should be done.

That type of writing has it's place and always should. But when you want to write a song, I believe it takes effort and not just ability.

The ability to make music is really innate and constant in those who tap the talent. The discipline to compose / write "songs" is a whole other consideration.

As an adult composer / producer I need to consider processes, procedures, and practices at putting the aforementioned 'effort' into my songwriting. And this needs to be applied specifically to soundtracks, scores & cues work.

Why concentrate my efforts primarily in that one avenue of Media Music?

The short answer is: my age and my lifestyle.

To elaborate; I am well past the 17 to 29 year old demographic. What that means is that music artists between the ages of 17 - 29 (and I would even say 15 to 29) are in the sweet spot for attaining popular music success. This makes sense of course because those are golden years of low responsibility and many of the hopeful young artists out there have not gotten married or had children (yet).

Once you find yourself a spouse and father, priorities are based on responsibility and that can drastically change a musicians access to the most efficient or rather common forms of promotion: Socializing, networking, playing late night gigs every weekend, etc., etc.

So having taken my 10 year hiatus from the gigs, events, clubs and parties...Well, the appeal of such a life style is much less for me and just doesn't rank very high on my priorities list.

This is where we find the conclusion of the long answer to the question: Why concentrate your efforts in a specific area of potential music success?

It just makes more sense for a reclusive, domesticated person who has a passion for making music, to find the outlet that best suits their life style.

I will continue to always pepper my works with l o n g, self indulgent, electronica...But my primary writing focus from here on forward will be more self critical. More designed and precisely constructed for a purpose.

I believe this will result in better music as well as personal satisfaction, along with brighter prospects with the production libraries I have signed on with to contribute my works to.

All my previous works (long and short) will always be available for those of you who have enjoyed the work so far...But those of you who have taken a shine to the electronica full length material will need to have patience in waiting for enough material for a full length release.

But hey! I have over 60 viable full length tracks in my back catalog...unreleased, even! So there is plenty of compiling I can do to assemble at least another four or five full length albums.

Well that's enough public soul searching from me for now.

m e e k

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