Sunday, August 17, 2008

Thanks To All Of You...

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Thanks to all of you who graciously accepted my CD the evening of 8/16/08. I know there were not many and I will do what I can to make more available. I do hope you enjoyed it.

Anyone wanting to make contact please feel free to comment here at this blog or for those of you with the CD in your possession, there are multiple points of contact listed on the printed insert. I know it was a little bit ghetto-style packaging wise, but time was short and I am so on a budget here! I tried to provide enough contact and web addresses to at least give those of you interested some sign posts to more about me and my work.

A Brief History on the Evolution of u l t r a m e e k :

It was 1988 and I had been DJing for about a year playing everything from Skinny Puppy to the Pet Shop was a time of learning for me. It was great to be brought into electronic music at such a diverse time in its evolution.

I bought myself a sequencer workstation by 1989 and went from being a modestly skilled drummer, bass, piano and guitar player to being a DJ turned beat maker. From 1989 to 1991 I was involved in an electronic group (there were three of us) producing "Industrial/Pop/Techno" in the vein NIN meets Information Society. An odd combination I will concede.

By 1993 I had had various residencies at clubs and had also begun making the Rave circuit between Tennessee and Missouri. I had continued to produce music with a few different partners under the name "Ventilated Whiz Kid" and eventually around the early part of 1994 I had established a fairly solid duo named "SoulFoodSystems".

"SoulFoodSystems" put together many of their own events as well as play many "Chill Rooms" at various parties of all sizes. Anywhere from 60 to 6000 heads in the place depending on the event. We specialized in a hybrid of ambient-trip hop-jungle-techno of all kinds of tempo's.

That lasted up until around 1996 when I began my relationship with Velocity Recordings Inc. under the alias': Whizdom & DJ Whize (pronounced wise!)

I released one progressive drum -n- bass / trip hop 12" vinyl on Velocity in 1997. Only 1000 pressings were made but I managed to sell all of them (to my knowledge) even though the master mix was atrocious! And believe it or not I didn't do the master mix myself.

As of 1998 I became a husband and father. At that time I decided to make the choice to live up to my responsibility as a spouse and parent. From 1998 to 2006 very little happened in the way of music production for me. In 1999 I flew up to the Velocity studios in New York to work on some tracks that never panned out. After that the next several years were spent enjoying the experience of parenthood.

2006 saw the arrival of an opportunity to begin making music again. I was able to purchase a studio rig and immediately began making music again as u l t r a m e e k and here I am.

I have spent most of my time doing "Scores & Cues" work (soundtracks) for the production library at Messy Music located on the west coast. And when I am not writing :30 to 2:00 bits of music for production libraries, I spend my time indulging myself in whatever sounds tickle my fancy for the moment.

I am still in the process of designing a "Live Rig" so that I can perform. But even until then, I have been assured by various good friends that they could loan me gear for performing live if needed.

So there you have it for those of you who received a CD and are wondering where this person producing this music came from. There are a handful of people left in the local club / electronic music scene who know me from previous decades (and those few are for the most part DJ's and producers that came up with me)...but I have the feeling there is a large group of new folks milling about who know nothing of it.

Thanks again for those of you who got a CD and even more thanks to those of you who take enough interest to find out more about me. (Oh, and sorry for those of you who might not have liked the CD at all!)

m e e k

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