Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I Like Radiohead

And I really, really like their most recent LP "In Rainbows". And why shouldn't I? It is an excellent piece of musical art. It explores and experiments with sounds without sacrificing musicality. Many artists have a tendency to try so hard to be different that they end up with noise rather than music (in my simple opinion). Radiohead almost did this with "Kid A" so much as my personal tastes know.

"In Rainbows" is a cool drink after the tap water that has been saturating the popular music culture. To my ears I hear the blending of sounds and influences ranging from traditional western s, classic old soul, art-tech electro, 1970's pop...I could go on. The group has found a way to meander all these subtleties into cohesive modern songs, yes songs.

I also appreciate how they have gone about their business too. They seem to stay ahead of the curve as far as heavily exposed media contributers.

If you have not given it a listen, yu should go and check out "In Rainbows"

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