Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Image Content In Your Blog

I read somewhere that people like images in the blogs they read. I gather that they grab and possibly hold your attention or draw you to read what the image is about. Unfortunately for you the image above has no explanation, it was just dropped in to lure you to this text. I guess it worked!

I am writing this little entry just to say I am going to try and find images to sprinkle into the actual blogs...not just the ones in the side bar. As I consider what I want to write about I will try to gather images and insert relevant links in (hopefully) all my posts. I really don't think it would be to tedious at all really. Thanks to Google image search it is easy to find plenty of "royalty free" image content. Not to mention any of my own that could liven it up?

We will see how this goes, we will see just how lazy I can be! Let's hope not.

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Rob said...

You can also use Flickr to find images that you can use for free.

Just go to http://flickr.com/search/advanced/

Bookmark this link.

Type in your search terms and then scroll down to the bottom and make sure"Only search within Creative Commons-licensed content" is CHECKED. Also, if you plan on making money from your blog or music, you should also check "Find content to use commercially". And if you plan to alter any of the images, then you have to check off the third option.

I prefer to check all three, but the minimum (to get free photos) is just the first option. All you've got to do is link back to the profile page of the author of the photograph, and you've fulfilled your requirements.

When you're on the individual page of the photo you want, right click on their username on the top right (below the search field). And copy the link to their profile page. On your own site, link to them like this:


Photo by veryloudcolors


And that's all. Of course, you could always just search on Google but I prefer Flickr because it's a site dedicated to photography and the quality and size are much better. Also, I find I'm more likely to find EXACTLY what I'm looking for since Flickr lets users tag the photos.

So, to recap:
1. Go to http://flickr.com/search/advanced/
2. Type in search terms, check off the first "Creative Commons" checkbox.
3. Find a photo.
4. Link back to that user's profile page.